What’ s the difference between Nothin To Hide® Collagen chews and other chews on the market?

Nothin To Hide® Collagen chews are packed with 75% protein and are a lean, healthy chew for your dog. Other chews on the market are made with high carbohydrate fillers such as starch, rice, flour etc. that are not as appealing to dogs and which tend to promote pet obesity.

What is Collagen and how does it benefit my dog?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human and animal body, accounting for about one-third of its protein composition.

It’s one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen is also found in many other body parts, including blood vessels, corneas, and teeth. Hydrolyzed Collagen is used in protein shakes, vitamins & supplements, cosmetics and food flavoring and has been proven to increase muscle mass, build stronger bones and joints, reduce arthritis and improve skin and coat condition in dogs.

How are Nothin To Hide® chews made? Does Nothin To Hide® contain artificial flavors or fillers?

Nothin To Hide® chews are made in a GFSI approved processing facility in Brazil. Our proteins are all human grade and sourced from humanely-raised animals.

After a proprietary grinding and cooking process, the collagen mixture is extruded into its various shapes, hand-basted with a gravy of the selected protein flavor and oven dried to form a long lasting, tasty chew. We never use any artificial ingredients, flavors or fillers in our chews.

What are the various bastings on Nothin To Hide®?

The basting is a delicious gravy of either chicken, beef or peanut butter that is basted by hand on to Nothin To Hide® chews for extra flavor for your dog.

How much more digestible are the Nothin To Hide® Chews vs. other chews?

Nothin To Hide® chews were lab tested by an associate professor with joint appointments in Biosystems Engineering and the Food and Agricultural Products Center at Oklahoma State University.

Nothin To Hide® were tested in an In-Vitro study.  The in-vitro tests performed were designed for actual digestive conditions in normal healthy dogs and are based on sound scientific practices and experience.

The results showed that Nothin To Hide® received an “Excellent” 97% digestible rating.  The other chews tested were given only a “poor” 35% digestible rating.

What are the ingredients in Chicken, Beef, and Peanut Butter Nothin To Hide® chews? Do Nothin To Hide® contain antibiotics or growth hormones?

We use only the highest-grade ingredients sourced from animals that are humanely raised and free-range grass fed with no added antibiotics or hormones. See Ingredients.

How do you assure the quality standards for Nothin To Hide®?

Nothin to Hide® is made in a processing facility that is certified by the USDA and has GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) accreditation. All raw ingredients that are used in Nothin To Hide® have been inspected and approved for human consumption.

Can I give my puppy Nothin To Hide®?

Yes, you can. Nothin To Hide® chews are an excellent choice for teething puppies. As with any chew or toy, all dogs and puppies should be supervised when they are given a chew of any kind.  To make sure you give the correct size chew, See the recommended size chart. Removal of the chew from your pet once it is chewed down to a size that can be easily swallowed is suggested.

How many Nothin To Hide® chews can I give my dog per day?

We know dogs love to chew and Nothin’ to Hide® are perfect for keeping them occupied and exercising their jaw muscles, so we recommend no more than 2 per day.

What size Nothin To Hide® chew is appropriate for my dog?

When selecting a chew for your dog, it is recommended to choose one that is LARGER than your dog’s mouth. This will prevent gulping and breaking off of large pieces.

How long will a Nothin To Hide® Chew last?

Chew times depend on the size of the chew you have purchased and the size and chewing habits of your pet.

Do I have to be concerned about Nothin To Hide® chews staining carpets?

The coating of the Nothin To Hide® chews when moistened by a dog’s saliva, could come off and discolor light-colored carpets. We suggest you limit chewing to tile or wood floors or give chews to your dog when he/she is in their crate.

Can I leave my Dog with Nothin To Hide® unattended?

Anything that goes in a dog’s mouth can become a choking hazard. That’s why it is very important to supervise your dogs anytime you are giving treats or chews of any kind.

How does Nothin To Hide® minimize its environmental footprint?

We source all our ingredients in a way that is consistent with our core value that all animals should be raised with kindness and respect. Not only does this result in happier and healthier farm animals, it leads to a higher quality of ingredients for us and our pets.

Dogs thrive on quality protein. That’s why our recipe starts with beef gelatin (collagen) as the first ingredient. Our cows are raised naturally without any antibiotics or growth hormones and have no artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers. And of course, we only source from third-party verified family farms that employ humane farming practices.

All of our chews are stored in a temperature-controlled facility that is run 100% on Solar power. Water used in the production of our Nothin To Hide® chews is reclaimed, filtered and used to irrigate the nearby farmlands.

How can I find a retailer of Nothin To Hide® in my area?

Nothin To Hide® can be found at independent pet stores (see below) throughout the USA and Canada. They can also be purchased at the regional chains and websites on the following link.

Hollywood Feed

Concord Pet

Pets Plus

Pet Goods

Soldans Feed and Pet Supply

Pet Depot-Alabama

Choice Pet Supply

Martins Supermarket


Country Max

Creature Comforts

Detroit K-9 Pet Supplies


One Way Pet

Paris Farmers Union

Premier Pet Supply

State Line Pet Supply

Wags to Whiskers


Woof Meow Family Pet Center

Mini Pet Grants Pass

Creature Comfort Milwaukee Or

Animal House Oregon City

Wilco Mt Angel Or

Grange Coop

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