Our Process

Step 1

Beef hide is ground into powder form and cooked at high temperatures to become Hydrolyzed Collagen.

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Step 2

The collagen is then mixed with other ingredients and ground into a paste. Afterwards it’s shaped into various size dog chews.

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Step 3

A protein gravy (beef, chicken, bacon or peanut butter) is hand applied to each chew to insure maximum taste enjoyment and palatability for your pet.

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Step 4

Finally, the glazed product is cooked for several hours at high temperatures in specialized ovens to create a
highly digestible and
long-lasting chew your dogs
will crave.

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What makes Nothin’ to Hide® the preferred collagen based chew?

Our collagen-based chews begin as a very fine powder, which is hydrated, shaped and oven baked. We then apply our beef, chicken, bacon and peanut butter coatings for maximum flavor and palatability. Our process utilizes collagen and other ingredients, produced in human-grade collagen production facilities. This collagen is used in a number of human consumable products including health supplements, beef processing and cosmetics.

The proven benefits of collagen in pets include:

  • Reduces joint pain
  • Reduces fat and builds lean muscle
  • Improves digestive health
  • Boosts skin and coat health
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Wholesome Ingredients

Nothin’ to Hide® uses the highest quality, all natural, limited ingredients in our process.

Our collagen based chews begin as a very fine powder which is hydrated, shaped and oven baked. Some of the healthy benefits of collagen are reduces joint pain, reduces fat and builds lean muscle, improves digestive health and boosts skin and coat health. We then apply our beef, chicken, bacon and peanut butter coatings for maximum flavor. We never use bleach or harsh chemicals.

Our innovative recipes for chicken and beef chews come from 100% natural, grass-fed and free-range cows and chickens. And, our peanut butter recipe is allergen-free.

We use the freshest and safest ingredients in all of our products.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Our collagen is sourced from a human grade collagen plant in Brazil. It is the same grade of collagen used in vitamins and supplements.


Our cows are grass fed and raised at pasture naturally on a vegetarian diet. No antibiotics or added growth hormones are ever administered.


Our chickens are raised by family farms with strict animal welfare standards and fed a vegetarian diet. Our chicken is always free from antibiotics.


A natural starch extracted from the roots of the Cassava plant which is grown widely in Brazil and a staple in the diet of the people of Brazil.

Peanut Butter

Our delicious peanut butter flavoring is an all-natural flavor and
non-allergenic.  It is safe to handle for anyone who has peanut allergies.

Our Company

Ethical Products, Inc. is a privately owned company that was established in 1952. Our primary focus has been on providing quality products for dogs and cats.

We market products under the SPOT brand, which includes dog and cat toys, dishes, waste management products, beds and other dog and cat accessories. Our Fashion Pet division markets a complete line of dog apparel. Our love for pets and recognizing their need for healthy, wholesome chews, led us to launch Fieldcrest Farms®. At Fieldcrest Farms®, we market a complete line of natural, long lasting dog chews designed with health and safety at the forefront of our mission.

Our line of premium dog chews come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors to satisfy all breeds and all life stages. Throughout the years, Ethical Products has won prestigious new product awards at the Global Pet Exposition show and our brands have been cited as leaders in the annual survey conducted by Pet Age Magazine. We continue to provide pet owners and their pets with the absolute best consumer value and customer service in the pet industry while never losing sight of quality, innovation, safety, honesty and humanity.

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Ethical Sourcing
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Giving Back
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Every one of our products is inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing process and reviewed by staff veterinarians to ensure safety and the highest quality chews for your pet.

Ethical Sourcing

We are committed to feeding your pet only the best products, using ethically sourced ingredients. We partner with family farms that raise their animals humanely with kindness and respect in free-range grass-fed pastures. 


We want you to be totally comfortable with our high quality pet chews and that’s why we have disclosed our proprietary manufacturing process and the source of our ingredients to you in print and in video. After all we have Nothin To Hide®!

Giving Back

Philanthropy is a core value of our company and that’s why we are committed to supporting organizations such as K9 For Warriors with donations amounting to tens of thousands of dollars each year.


Our company is proud to be a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition whose mission is to advance profitable business through sound environmental and social practices. We are very proud that our 130,000 sq foot distribution center is powered 100% with solar energy. All the water used in our manufacturing process is reclaimed, filtered and used to irrigate local farmland.